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News: cPanel Pricing Update

Published: 09/09/2019

There has been an announcement by the developer of cPanel that the cPanel licensing model has been changed, and the overall pricing has been increased.

Below you'll see the base pricing of the increases.
And, the new pricing model based on the number of accounts associated with the licensed server.

cPanel® Admin Fixed Cloud Only Up to 5 $20
cPanel® Pro Fixed Cloud Only Up to 30 $30
Premier Fixed 100 Cloud & Metal Up to 100 $45
Premier Fixed 125 Cloud & Metal Up to 125 $50
Premier Fixed 150 Cloud & Metal Up to 150 $55
Premier Fixed 175 Cloud & Metal Up to 175 $60
Premier Fixed 200 Cloud & Metal Up to 200 $65
Premier Fixed 225 Cloud & Metal Up to 225 $70
Premier Fixed 250 Cloud & Metal Up to 250 $75
Premier Fixed 300 Cloud & Metal Up to 300 $85
Premier Fixed 350 Cloud & Metal Up to 350 $95
Premier Fixed 400 Cloud & Metal Up to 400 $105
Premier Fixed 450 Cloud & Metal Up to 450 $115
Premier Fixed 500 Cloud & Metal Up to 500 $125

* Plans with accounts above 500 will be priced in 50 account increments at an additional 10$.

What Happens to My Existing cPanel®Licenses?

For customers with existing monthly licenses, we will transition those licenses to the new licensing model in early September 2019. We will select the new fixed license tier that fits your usage at the time of the conversion. For example, if you have a metal server with 380 accounts, it will be converted to a Premier Fixed 400 plan at $105/month.

No Changes to cPanel® Addons

Please note that all active cPanel® addons you have purchased through us will continue to operate with their existing licensing structure, price and billing cycle. Any adjustments mentioned in this email only apply to cPanel® licensed products.

Metal Vs Cloud

cPanel® is updating their license types to “Metal” and “Cloud”.
“Metal”, formerly known as “Dedicated”, specifies a server environment that is not using any virtualization software.
A “Cloud” server, also known as “VPS”, is a virtualized environment such as Xen, KVM, or OpenVZ.
A Cloud server can use any license tier, as long as the tier allows for the number of users on the license.
A Dedicated server requires the “Premier” license tier, regardless of the number of cPanel® accounts on the server.
There is no price difference between Metal and Cloud on the Premier tier.