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AlphaNine - New Billing System Interface

Published: 01/01/2020

For the year 2020 we have updated our billing system client interface. All of the same features are still available for use. We just redesigned the interface to maximize the efficiency, and visual appeal. More upgrades to come!

cPanel Pricing Update

Published: 09/09/2019

There has been an announcement by the developer of cPanel that the cPanel licensing model has been changed, and the overall pricing has been increased. Below you'll see the base pricing of the increases. And, the new pricing model based on the number of accounts associated with the licensed ...

AlphaNine Las Vegas Location - Migration

Published: 12/10/2018

The date for the Las Vegas migration mentioned in the notices sent to clients is set to, 12/11/2018 09:30 A.M. US/Pacific (-8 UTC). Only services in the AlphaNine Las Vegas location will be affected. The IP address renumbering process will take place at this time as well.

AlphaNine Las Vegas Location IP Renumbering

Published: 11/26/2018

All IPs addresses associated with services at the Las Vegas location will be changing. The actual day of the change is unknown at the moment. This change should be before the 30th of November, although the date could still be pushed further forward. Once we get a few more confirmations from our ...

Domain Renewal Price Updates

Published: 11/14/2018

The domain pricing has been updated due to price increases in the industry. The new pricing for the .com renewal will be $13.59 USD, and the new price for .net & .org domain renewals will be $16.45 USD.

Terms of Use/Service Changes

Published: 07/02/2018

Our Terms of Service has been updated. Changes go into effect and are applied to all customers from the time that they are posted to the following URL, https://www.alphanine.com/terms-of-service/. Any renewal of any service constitutes an agreement of the entire ToU/ToS.

cPanel / WHM Hostname Changes

Published: 06/26/2017

The hostnames for the cPanel/WHM servers have changed. You now must use AlphaNine.net instead of the usual AlphaNine.com. The URL for the billing site (Billing.AlphaNine.com) will remain the same.

IP Address Changes

Published: 08/21/2014

All services associated with our North Carolina location will have their IP addresses changed. This is not our choosing, we have been forced to change all of our IPs by our provider in Charlotte, NC. Sorry for any inconvenience. Our other locations will not be affected.


Published: 04/15/2014

AlphaNine Datacomm expands to Las Vegas Nevada. We just signed the lease agreement on our new Las Vegas Nevada facility. This will bring our clients more options such as more bandwidth, stability, redundancy, and scalability. We are adding more cPanel servers, and VPS nodes. Expect the same ...

Datacenter Moving

Published: 03/25/2014

The datacenter that we are located in is moving to Charlotte, North Carolina here in the US. Expect some downtime on March 30th from 05:00 P.M. -5 UTC to March 31st 10:30 A.M -5 UTC. This should be a smooth transition from Pennsylvania to Charlotte, North Carolina. Expect double the carriers, and ...

AlphaNine GSP Update

Published: 02/13/2014

Exciting news! The release date for AlphaNine GSP has been set. Be sure to check us out on April 11 2014. We are even adding a separate gigabit uplink just for our GSP clients. This will ensure that if the GSP is affected by a DDOS, the web hosting, reseller accounts, and dedicated servers will ...

AlphaNine GSP

Published: 12/06/2013

AlphaNine GSP coming online within the next month. Minecraft, and other game servers will be readily available. New server nodes are being added just for the game server market. Server nodes with SSD drives will be added soon after. See our website at www.AlphaNineGSP.com.

PayZa Pament Gateway

Published: 12/05/2013

Notice to our clients: The PayZa payment gateway is no longer in the US market. We are not able to accept PayZa payments as of 12/05/2012. Please use PayPal or the direct credit card method in order to make your monthly payments.

Upgrades Complete

Published: 06/28/2013

Update: All servers have been upgraded to gigabit uplinks. And, all related equipment has been upgraded to gigabit Ethernet as well. More servers have been added to the lineup for reduced risk, added redundancy, & more capacity. Measures to minimize latency have been employed as well. Exciting ...

Upgrades Underway

Published: 06/10/2013

Exciting news! All servers will be on gigabit ethernet before the end of June 2013. This is a part of our SUMMER OF ALPHANINE reengineering for summer solstice June 21 2013. Nightly differential backups coming soon after! With 5 to 7 day retention. This will allow you to recover your files for up ...