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cPanel Pricing Update

Published: 09/09/2019

There has been an announcement by the developer of cPanel that the cPanel licensing model has been changed, and the overall pricing has been increased. Below you'll see the base pricing of the increases. And, the new pricing model based on the number of accounts associated with the licensed server. cPanel® Admin Fixed Cloud Only Up to 5 $20 cPanel® Pro Fixed Cloud Only Up to ...

AlphaNine Las Vegas Location - Migration

Published: 12/10/2018

The date for the Las Vegas migration mentioned in the notices sent to clients is set to, 12/11/2018 09:30 A.M. US/Pacific (-8 UTC). Only services in the AlphaNine Las Vegas location will be affected. The IP address renumbering process will take place at this time as well.

AlphaNine Las Vegas Location IP Renumbering

Published: 11/26/2018

All IPs addresses associated with services at the Las Vegas location will be changing. The actual day of the change is unknown at the moment. This change should be before the 30th of November, although the date could still be pushed further forward. Once we get a few more confirmations from our service providers at that location, an official IP renumbering date will be set, and all clients will ...